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Well Battle Saints we now have our Outfit in Planetside 2 and 3 of us are now listed. 
Our Tag is BS4u " Battle Saints 4 you" BS was already taken. 
If you're playing PS2 come join us we are on the Emerald Server and we are the Vanu.

We will have to rely on those playing Rust for the info. Someone please comment on the server you're all in and that way our members can play on the same server. 
I also added in a Rust forums area. 
Slabo aOfficer We're currently playing on a server called "Shoot On Sight". Very low population, but friendly admin. Genera ...

Updates to the Website

Davidian a posted Jul 8, 14
Well today I have added the pages under the Charter Menu Button with a dedicated page for each game we are currently playing.  Check them out and I would appreciate any suggestions as to additional content to add to those pages.  

New Look

Davidian a posted Jul 6, 14
Well I have been slowly working on a new look for the website. This is one I put together and got ready for a viewing. Let me know what you think of it. 
In the forums area under the public section we have a spot for website suggestions. 
I would appreciate any and all input as to what you think of this look. 

I chose these colors because it worked well with our original Battle Saints logo and the color of that logo. We needed to move the page from a Darkfall Unholy Wars centered page to one that we could support multi-games with as we grow to additional games. 
The new Games page is a work in progress so bare with me on that page as I sort out how to show case our clan and the games we are playing. 
Also let me know what games you would like to see supported. 
Keeway aOfficer Looking fantastic & love the changes...and good suggestion Slabo! I need to know what the actual BS logo is so that ...
Luxxicon First off it looks awesome! This must have been a tonne of work, thank you. Suggestion / request: A Non-public DFUW s ...
Slabo aOfficer Couple of suggestions for rearranging the forums. 1) "Games We Are Playing" board can be moved from DFUW sect ...
Battle Saints is now open to all races. Since opening our doors to other races our numbers have greatly increased. We hold Kvitstein and Alden Enak and roam the mighty Tovarr lands with Pride. We welcome all of our new members and look forward to gaming with you. As we have opened our doors in Darkfall to all races we also have decided we are going to open our support for our member into a multi-gaming community. Our support for our Member is now moving  into Multiple Games. 
I will be spending less time in Darkfall Unholy Wars and spending time in Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 to expand our member base into those games. 
We currently have a 50 member mumble communications server that supports Battle Saints comms. Join in and tell us about the games your playing and as we discover what games our members are playing we will be adding sections in the forums to support our member.  Help us grow our community and reach out to our Brudders, we are no longer just in Darkfall.  Come Join us as Battle Saints moves into new games.  
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